Freelance Writing

When I first started freelancing, I did not know of many resources in the space. I soon opened my door to a world full of helpful guides and webinars, some of which I have developed for others. Here are a few recommended resources on how to start freelance writing:


Chelsea’s Guide To Freelancing - A guide created by Chelsea Cirruzzo, a health policy reporter based in Washington D.C.

Bizzy Coy’s super secret guide to freelance copywriting - A guide created by Bizzy Coy, a freelance copywriter, humor writer and public speaker.


How To Pitch To Publications - A workshop hosted by The Young Writers’ Initiative (TYWI) and led by Lola Méndez, a freelance journalist and full-time globe trotter.

**How to Get Your STEM Articles Published in Mainstream Media Workshop **- I led this workshop for members of Girl Genius Magazine, where I focus on writing about STEM and Gen Z culture.


The Writers’ Co-op Podcast - An audio career handbook for freelance creatives, hosted by Jenni Gritters and Wudan Yan.

She Chat Podcast Episode #19 - In this episode, I spoke to host Agnes Mar on the importance of diverse voices in journalism and tips on entering the media industry.